Creating a name for ourselves in services that are thoroughly researched, consistently updated and carried out by our exceptionally talented staff, at New Technology Solutions we have become the leading provider of IT solutions in Sydney.

We have worked closely with clients both big and small, allowing us to enable companies to improve their daily operations by making use of cloud computing in the best possible manner. Moreover, we do so with extreme care and respect towards our clients’ data, establishing a respected name in the industry.


We know about the common fear of data not being private and secure in the Cloud. We understand that concern and guarantee that we take out every precaution to ensure your information is kept confidential and accessible only to you. Let us show you how to protect your data and its privacy in the Cloud. through our managed IT services and SMB support in Sydney.


Many small businesses and large corporates do not realise how the design of a network can make an enormous difference in how fast your daily computing functions run. Let us design your network to save time and money.


We do a site review to assess whether a move to the Cloud will benefit you. As we are just as comfortable working on site as in the Cloud, we will never suggest you commit to change for the sake of change alone.


Providing small and medium businesses with IT support, New Technology Solutions makes sure that your systems are well administered. We conduct remote system administration, SMB IT maintenance and managed IT services throughout Sydney, so you do not need for us to come on site.


Service is the key to our quality of IT support for each small to medium-sized business with whom we work. You can expect the best of our SMB and managed IT services and expert team at each stage of the process. Our well-defined, internal processes provide an excellent level of small business and SMB IT support for companies of all sizes throughout Sydney.


We support mainstream applications such as Microsoft, Adobe and many more. When you need to add applications, we are always on hand to provide reliable advice. As a result, we ensure you always feel secure while adding solutions to your workflow.


Our team can implement IP telephony systems into your business operations, or assist you with your current one and the applications that are available to you. We work hard and fast to add this solution to your business, allowing you to apply improved, unified communications for your team.


There is a common fear that data that is stored in the cloud is open to third parties, resulting in stolen information and confidential matter that is imperative to businesses. At New Technology Solutions, we understand this and ensure that all data that we work with is kept safe and 100% confidential during all stages of our work. Moreover, we can show you how to keep your information safe in the cloud and ensure every aspect of it is kept out of the hands of dangerous online threats.


It is often overlooked just how much a well thought out network can do for businesses both big and small. Our experts can show you how a redesign in your daily computing processes can transform the way you work. As a result, we will set you up to save both time and money.

To find out more about our IT services, please get in touch with our customer service team.

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